Board 2021-2022

Leonardo Durga

Leonardo Durga


Hey everyone! My name is Leonardo Durga, I am 22 years old and I will be your president this year. I study at the Erasmus university and I am in my final year of my study Bsc Business Administration.

My main hobbies include thrift shopping (kind of an addict), working out and watching anime. Above that, I am very interested in crypto. So hit me up if you’re a crypto geek as well haha.

I want SSA to be a home for EVERYONE who is interested in the Surinamese culture. Therefore, this year, my main focus is to enlarge the reach of this awesome family. Our culture is too beautiful not to be shown.

By attracting more students with a Surinamese diaspora background (like mine) and students who are simply interested in our culture, I want to enrich our association.

I have already met a ton of awesome and special people and I can’t wait to meet everyone else during our other events this year! Stay tuned for our next events and don’t be shy to approach me;)

Jingwan Mei

Jingwan Mei


Hii all!

My name is Jingwan Mei and I’m 20 years old. This year, I will be the secretary of SSA. I was born in China and grew up in the beautiful country, Suriname! I have been living in the Netherlands for 2 years now and I’m currently in my final year of Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In my busy schedule, I try to make time for my hobbies. I like to dance a lot, with dance styles ranging from contemporary to hip hop and bachata. I also enjoy playing tennis and kickboxing. Beside that, I also love to hang out with my friends. So if you spot a similar interest in these hobbies, just hmu maybe we could have a fun time together!😆

Last but not least, I am looking forward to delivering my own value to SSA to make it greater and more interesting for everyone to join our warm SSA family! I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events and please don’t hesitate to come have a chat with me!

PS. Don’t get scared by my pic, I am really not that serious in real life hahah🙈

Nayan Ramawadhdoebe

Nayan Ramawadhdoebe


Hey guys.

My name is Nayan Ramawadhdoebe and I am the treasurer this year. I am 19 years old and study Entrepreneurship & Retail Management at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I’m in my second year. I recently discovered SSA and am thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey.

I have recently moved back from Suriname to the Netherlands to continue my further education. My top priority is my education and I always make sure that I have enough time to spend on my schoolwork.

My open, honest and spontaneous personality always ensure that I’m able to create meaningful and long lasting relationships with my friends and family.

Furthermore, my hobbies include; fitness, listening to music, spending time with friends and baking. I enjoy meeting new people and always look for creative ways to make the people around me happy.

Being a part of SSA gives me the opportunity to use my thoughtful and creative ideas in a way that helps a larger community. I want to pay my contribution to SSA by helping them gain more financial advantages and create more brand awareness in the society.

Fun fact: Once I used to be the shortest, now I’m the tallest one in the group.

Loritza Ormskerk

Loritza Ormskerk


Hii all!

I am Loritza Ormskerk, Human Resources commissioner at SSA. I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the beautiful city of Paramaribo😍. I now study Tax Economy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Most of you haven’t seen me because I mostly work behind the scenes.

I’m more of a homebody than a party-goer but I do enjoy a good party and hanging out with friends. Besides that I love spending time with my family, traveling and playing my bass guitar 🎸😁

I’d love to meet and chat with everybody so I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

Sharnelle Power

Sharnelle Power

Social Media & Marketing

Hey everyone!

My name is Sharnelle Power (yes that is indeed my surname😂) and this year I will be the commissioner of Social Media & Marketing.

I am 20 years old and currently study Accountancy at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

I grew up in both the Netherlands and Suriname and my friends & family like to describe me as kind, open, spontaneous and a bit stubborn😅

In my free time you’ll catch me either dancing, reading, hanging out with friends, traveling or simply listening to music.

I joined SSA in 2019, because I wanted to stay close to my Surinamese roots. I applied for this position, because I’m on my phone 24/7… and because it seemed very interesting to make content for SSA and to collaborate with the rest of the board about ideas and projects. It also felt like a great opportunity to make SSA more accessible and open to anyone that’s interested.

I am looking forward to this amazing board year and to meeting all of you guys!

Surya Sewkaransing

Surya Sewkaransing

Careers & Culture

Odi odi everyone,

Today I have to opportunity to introduce myself to you. So... (insert drumrolls) who am I? My name is Surya Sewkaransing, 20 years old and I'm your quintessential "Med-student". Studying is my life and with the time I have left i work as a teaching assistant in the anatomy lab of the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam.

I also have the pleasure of leading the commitee Career and Culture this year. Being a committee member myself last year I helped organize super fun events under the previous board. I also look forward to grow in this dimension of SSA and to organize even better events.

Furthermore, I'm also a good cook👨‍🍳, but an even better foodie 😋

I look forward to seeing and getting to know all of you during our Career and Culture events.


Dylan Amatsahip

Dylan Amatsahip

Parties & Sport

Odi odi famiri😄 ,

My name is Dylan Amatsahip and I am the commissioner of Parties & Sports. Born and raised in switi Sranan (Suriname), I am 24 years old and currently finishing my bachelors degree in Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

My favorite pastime activities are; baking, working out and spending quality time with friends.

If you've been to one of our activities, we've probably met eachother before and had a good time 🥳. I hope to see you if we haven't met eachother yet. If you ever see me at a party, on campus or out and about, don't hesitate to say hello because I'd love to talk to y'all!

Hope to see you soon 🥳❤️

Ps. Important detail, I'm a dog person 🐕

Xiara Essenboom

Xiara Essenboom

Chairwoman Amsterdam

Hii all.

I am Xiara Esseboom, Chairwoman of Amsterdam 🤩 Some might know me from last boardyear and for everyone that does not know me: I am 22 years old and originally from Arnhem. Last September I started my second master: Human Resource Management at the Vrije Universiteit.

I like to party, dance and do fun things (as can be seen at all the SSA events 😜). Next to that I love to meet and talk to new people. However, I also love some me-time sometimes, so I can read a book or watch a movie. If you see me at an event or randomly somewhere outside, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me!

I hope to see everyone at an event in Amsterdam (or in Rotterdam) next time, hopefully soon!

Hugs and kisses 👋🏾